Ergonomic design with stylish body lines is the defining feature of this turnstile. The inclined scratch resistant glass top gives this turnstile a futuristic look making it a stylish architectural element to compliment any modern interior. These turnstiles are equipped with an automatic bi-directional servo-drive mechanism with a robust locking system and are able to operate reliably and efficiently in high traffic flow locations.

This model has a robust hub with stainless steel pods and a fully automatic anti-panic system, where in the case of an emergency, the arms are automatically lowered and users can freely pass through unhindered.

The cabinet tops are made of a scratch-resistant black glass, which allows simple maintenance and long lasting aesthetics. The sleek LED’s follow the lines of the turnstile’s body, and can be both static and dynamic in operation. Additionally the pulsing display indicates the direction of travel through the turnstile.

Marque: Tiso